Saturday, January 12, 2013

Becoming a Vegan - Not as easy as I thought

Happy New Year everyone! So it has been 3 weeks since I boldly confessed I would never eat meat or animal product again....I lied.

So this is whats happening- I am a very extreme person, overly passionate about anything that excites me even if I am ignorant about a thing. I realized this is a personality flaw of mine and I have been making conscious decisions to "fix" that. Was the documentary (Earthlings) convincing? Yes. Did it change me? Yes. So what's the problem? The problem is, life changes need to be transitioned into. I never stopped to consider the struggle of "going vegan" cold turkey.

In the last three weeks I most definatley have given into the temptation of eating meat - chicken / fish. I am absolutely done with pork and ALL red meats - that's the easy part. But things like butter, cheese and chicken which were all my staple foods; have been harder to "give up" . Now, I am aware there are substitutes for the dairy products I love, so I guess I really don't have much of an excuse now do I? I just haven't gotten around to whole foods as of yet (excuse). Since my vegan declaration 3 weeks ago, I can honestly say I have eaten chicken/fish maybe about 4 or 5 times (usually a combination of being broke and too lazy to go grocery shopping).

I have thought about transitioning to vegetarianism first, and then work my way up to full veganism but really, I think i'm just looking for a cop out. I heard someone say that if each person stops eating meat, they can save around 100 animals a year. That's absolutely crazy! I will admit that though I have never been an animal lover- I have always been a very compassionate person - So I want to do this, for my health, my environment, and the world. I just need to stay committed and keep on learning and finding creative ways to enjoy my food. Here are some pictures of foods that I have been making and enjoying aswell :

Vegan Burger - Homemade - A+++++++

Click HERE to see my family's reaction to eating a vegan burger!

Quinoa Pilaf - B

Click HERE for tutorial

My first RAW vegan burger  

(The Green Wave) - A+

Well that's all folks! I am still trying to figure this thing out. Feel free to send me any tips, info, or recipes. Thanks for reading!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Why I chose to become a Vegan

Hi, my name is Zee and I am  26 years old. I was an avid meat eater, until today. A few hours ago, I made the decision to become a Vegan, though I do not at this time FULLY understand the vegan lifestyle and all that my future nutrition/diet will entail,  I am utterly disgusted by the thought and sight of meat.

So a new Journey begins.....

This morning, I literally woke up, scrolled through the photos on a pro-vegan Facebook page, and what I found was remarkable. Mainstream media does not educate the public on the gruesome realities in the Dairy, Meat, and Food industries. As I lay in bed scrolling through the pictures one by one, I was filled with compassion, sorrow, and anger; all because of the way animals are treated for the sake of human consumption. I will not go into detail in this article about the evil that transpires in the above mentioned industries, rather, I only wish to express why I have chosen to follow the Vegan lifestyle. 

This is not the first time I have considered veganism. A few years back I heard the word vegan and I researched it just enough to know that it was NOT for me at the time (An avid meat eater).  I considered vegetarianism, but was lazy in my efforts to really make the change and that was short lived. Recently, I have gained a lot of weight and decided to go back to counting calories and implementing an exercise regimen to become healthier for myself and future family. Coming across the Vegan webpage really struck a chord with me, a negative one.

I remember a few months ago after my hubby and I came home from the grocery store, we were about to prepare “veal” for the first time, he seasoned it well, and cooked it for a little over an hour. Afterward, it smelled good and looked even better. Though I was not quite sure what animal veal came from, I didn’t really care and I was ready to dive in. After I ate to my fullness, my husband explained to me what it was that I had just ate. Immediately after, I became sick to my stomach and vowed never to eat it again. Looking back, I am not sure why I felt so strongly about the veal but did not give a second thought to the other red meat I regularly consumed. 

Today, it feels as though my husband has just explained the cruel and disgusting process of bringing veal to my table all over again, only this time, the topic is not veal, but Meat and Dairy. From the cruel and inhumane food industry standards, the breeding ground for infestation,  and other health risks associated with meat eating, I would say I have had enough and its time for a change. I have already started doing research about animal cruelty, the vegan diet and nutrition, and I must say that for now, it is certainly enough to keep me pro-veg and anti-meat for a few long years.

If you are curious, and you want to know why this matters so much to me, please watch the video below, I promise you you will not regret it.   

 EARTHLINGS (Documentary on Animal Cruelty-FULL) 

    "Earthlings" contains the most abominable acts of cruelty towards animals that I have ever seen. This will certainly cause you to question your loyalty to love of meat or at least get you curious enough to reconsider your dietary lifestyle. Also, as the film predicted, you will be compelled to share this video with others as I have done.

Websites that are helping me in my transition to Veganism:
If you are interested in more websites that offer the community value similar to social networks, recipies, resources and more insight about veganism check out these Ten websites for Vegans

Today, I ordered the book Skinny Bitch and I am hoping it will give me that extra motivation to change my life for good, I have heard a few good reviews about it. Any questions, comments or advice or concerns are welcomed. Thanks for reading !